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Will has been interested in creating characters, worlds, and stories to fit them, since he was young. Drawing/Painting the human subject is his favorite, but working out details in environments, props, and costumes are also parts of his repertoire that he enjoys. Because of his close ties to video production over the last decade, Will has also introduced himself to script-writing and story-boarding, which has enhanced his ability to tell stories through his visual work. Will is familiar with commissions for a single client, and larger long term project work with bigger teams. His primary goal with any project is always finding the solution that tells the story best for the consumer of his work.


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Visual Effects Consultant | Motion Graphics Designer | Visual Effects Compositor | Animator

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Ever since Will was introduced to 3D Studio Max when he was 6 years old (1995), 3D animation and animation in general, have been apart of his life. The field of Motion Graphics has allowed him to incorporate his love for illustration and the principles of art into his love for animation. Over the last 10 years, this self driven pursuit has given Will experience in general 2D motion graphics, that includes basic titling to more stylistic presentations, and has also done a considerable amount of visual effects (VFX) work for short films and commercials.

Will is well versed in the entire visual effects pipeline, and has experience in and principles and applications of modeling, texturing, rigging, 3D/2D animation, lighting, compositing, rendering, and video/audio editing. His skills have been applied to film, commercials, and online content for small and large businesses. This large amount of experience in the production pipeline gives him the ability to find solutions for projects where one person with a specialized but smaller skill-set would fall short.


Clients Will has worked with…

University of Utah
Thor Media
LifeSpan Fitness
Mighty Clever