Solution Provider | Visual Story Teller | Prolific Visual Artist

William Thorup is a multiple award winning visual artist located in Salt Lake City Utah. He has worked on storyboarding, on-set VFX consulting, 3D and 2D modeling/animation/compositing, and other post-production tasks for film, broadcast, and web video for over a decade. William Thorup is also a talented illustrator in both traditional and digital media. Providing services such as, character/environment/prop concept art and graphic design.

Will’s primary goal with anything he creates is to tell stories that influence others. Whether that is as simple as picking the right color to pull off the right mood in a video, or as complicated as conveying and invoking deep and relatable emotions in a single image. Along with this goal comes the drive to help others come to an understanding that the tools to express yourself are there, the power to influence those around you for the better is real, and that everyone has a story to tell.

Will’s creations branch beyond the realms of video and illustration, and in his free time he learns to program video games for forgotten video game consoles. Showing that even forgotten things still have stories to tell.