Another Zelda Remix – Another Twinrova

Another Zelda Remix – Another Twinrova

I haven’t been taken part in a character forge challenge in a while, and I am glad the Micheal Buhler pointed me to this one when it came around.

As you may recall, this isn’t the first time that I have tried t remix Twinrova from the Legend of Zelda games. Last time I decided to remix the character for the tron universe, and I feel that it came out okay. This latest version of the challenge had us working towards a sci-fi edge. So, due to the lack of creativity, or because I just like the character, I decided to give Twinrova another try. I used Krita for this piece, and it took about 4 hours from start to finish.


This time I wanted to give Twinrova a darker feel, with a pinch of insanity to her mood. I leaned more towards the illustration side of things instead of character design, and I enjoyed painting the surrounding elements on this one. Making sure I rendered lighting accurately and learn how to render fire more acurrately where some other goals in this painting, and I think the results were good.

I wish that I could have spent a bit more time on this piece before the challenge was over with, but for the time I had and took, again, I am very pleased with the result.