Article | The Music of Final Fantasy

Article | The Music of Final Fantasy

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Click HERE to start reading an article I put together as tribute to some of the great music in Final Fantasy.

This article was written for a contest at, HERE.  Check it out, there are some other really good posts there, definitely worth reading.  It’s great to see how many people this music inspires.

When I started writting the article, I knew I would want to do a few illustrations for it as well.  Seeing that this blog and portfolio was created to represent my art.  Here are a few things that I learned during this process.

I should have set some better goals.  I though about the music allot, and what I wanted to talk about, but I sacrificed not setting goals with the illustrations.  When I was done with my first draft, I tried to go through the article and think of what scenes or characters would best represent that part of the article.  The problem with this thinking was, I had no idea how many illustrations I wanted to do.  In turn, I had no idea how long it would take to get them finished, and what style I should do them in.

So I rushed the last couple days, finding out that I do better work when I am rushed, at least.  And I ended up settling on two different styles for the illustrations.  A vector monochromatic and full color pencil mediums.  I won’t post the vector illustrations here, but you can see them on page one, by clicking HERE. Overall I though that they came out good, and do contribute to the article overall.

These three color pencil pieces were done in Gimp,  I was surprised at how close I could get it to look like the real medium.  I looks like color pencil but enhanced by the pure colors brought by digital.

Overall, the experience was good, and I am planning on doing some other project articles with illustrations in the future.  Anyone here like Myst?

Again, enjoy the article, and let me know what you think.