Atari ST | ROLAND GKC-3 | SC1224 Color Monitor Replacement Cable

Atari ST | ROLAND GKC-3 | SC1224 Color Monitor Replacement Cable

I recently purchased a SC1224 color monitor for my ST and realized that it was a model that didn’t have a hard wired 13 pin DIN connector to plug in the back of ST.

I did some searching around and soon discovered that finding an orginal replacement cable is becoming impossible. As this model of the SC1224 was prone to lose it’s video cable because it wasn’t hardwired.


Making a custom cable would be out of the question, as my soldering skills are nearly non-existing. And there are some who say they are a nightmare to put together anyways.

So, looking for some alternative cables I discovered that these 13 PIN cables were also still being used for some musical synthisizer equipment. But when people talked about using these cables as a video cable replacement, sometimes they wouldn’t work. The cables would lack the proper copper shielding, or some of the pins wouldn’t be wired up, making it useless for the ST.

But, the light shown through with one forum post. With a confirmation that a specific cable has worked for someone else before, I ordered the ROLAND GKC-3, ten footer cable for about $18 US.

Got here yesterday, and it works great with my monitor. With the exception of the length of the cable, it seems to be a great alternative to an official cable. I assume that because the GKC-3 cable works, the -5 and other models will most likely work as well.