Atari Jaguar | Brawler – BitJag Game | Box Art

Atari Jaguar | Brawler – BitJag Game | Box Art

The Jag stuff still goes forward. Project 3 final has a name, “Brawl”, and a start on the box art.

Brawl_semifinal cover_WEB

This was an awesome piece to work on. And I first need to thank Michael Buhler for his input on some final decisions on the background and title text. He is an amazing artist and you should check out his portfolio HERE.

The lighting and color were my favorite parts of this piece, and all the pieces seem to fall in place, when I need them. Something that I should have spent some more time on, before starting this piece, was draw up some concepts for the male character. I like the way he came out, but I think a bit of forethought would have saved me some time in the long run.

Again, enjoy the time lapse video, and check out the new update video at There are some updates to concept art on that page as well.

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