“Look What I Found” – Illustration

“Look What I Found” – Illustration

I have been painting allot lately. Unfortunately, most of it I am not able to post on my personal blog or portfolio yet. I am involved in comic book project for someone else, and I am doing concept work for some films for Thor Media. So, at the the end of the day, I am all “drawn” out, and looking forward to dinner and an episode of Star Trek. But, I have been recording most of my work, so, hopefully that work will transfer into time lapse videos for everyone to watch and enjoy in later posts.

With that being said, I am working on personal projects when I have the time, especially Jaguar stuff. And that is focus of today’s post.

time guardians_web

This piece is a concept piece for an opponent in the Reversi game project called “Intellection”. In story mode, the main character will face off in a game of Reversi against all the gods in the current lore of the story. The lore consists of gods that are personifications of the different aspects of time. (i.e. past, present, future, eternity, etc…). I won’t spoil the story too much, but the primary goal of the main player is to return time to a normal state, by beating the gods in the game of Reversi. Sounds a bit better than an average game of Reversi right?

When I am not drawing for work, I am working on game design documents and assets for our Atari Jaguar games. I really enjoy thinking about a game and its various functions. From game play, style, length, world, music, and characters. There is so much to consider when creating a game with a narrative, not including all the technical stuff, and it really is a challenge.

We have 4 working projects (read more at http://bitjag.com/ out developer page). At this point I have two of the shorter games 75% fleshed out on paper. There will obviously be changes to certain details, but the documents give us a great starting point, and a fall back, if we don’t wish to explore possibilities and just get things done.