Atari Jaguar | McFur & Friend 3

Atari Jaguar | McFur & Friend 3

I haven’t had allot of time after Inktober, and getting my Inktober book together, to draw and paint. But I was able to squeeze in an hour here and there on this illustration for Flappy McFur, BitJag’s Atari Jaguar homebrew game.


The idea was simple, I wanted to depict Mcfur and Cutter moving forward together, enjoying the journey. The idea of them stepping out of the frame of the game’s world, and into another, I believe helped to convey the message of moving onto new things together. Obviously they are depicted very happy, as they always are, with McFur having his usual free spirit attitude, and cutter having a feminine but adventurous attitude about her. I feel the composition came together well, due to spending time on thumbnails, and most of the pieces fit well.

Again, I stuck with the crayon/pastel look, as the game is very elementary and happy in nature, and the rough feel of crayons along with the bright saturated colors help bring the feeling of childhood to the piece. Krita has a couple of pastel brush I really like to use with my work, and they work perfectly to get the look I want for Flappy McFur.

I took some time to review the other drawings I have done for Flappy McFur so fare (McFur & Friend 1, 2, and the box art), and it is interesting to see the evolution of the character design of both Cutter and McFur. It is almost like they have both grown up a bit as they have floated around mind. Subtle facial changes to Cutter, Mcfur’s shape is more worked out as well. I am sure if I ever do more drawings for them in the future, there will be more subtle changes to their designs, but for now, I do like the way they look.