Project Nebula | Desert Coast City Concept

Project Nebula | Desert Coast City Concept

Desert to ocean_web

I won’t be able to get a weekly sketch review together this week.  I have been swamped with finishing up Josh the Whale, and getting near future projects organized.

Luckily, with the spare time that I made today, I was able to get something together for the blog, and just break away from the paper work that I have been focusing so much on lately.

Unable to give any details in copy at the moment, but I had this image in my head since I have had conversations with Ryan Thatcher about the world our next project will take place in.  And, well…  That’s about all I can say without given too much away.

Enjoy the video, and look forward to some good news in the future.  We will be releasing Josh the Whale soon, and deciding on the next five months or work for Thor Media LLC.